This is where I maintain a list of various bits and pieces on the web I have found amusing, interesting, or just worth noting down, for all sorts of reasons.

The presence of a link on this list does not express an endorsement of its content.


» Bad Vibes Club forum for research into negative states
» Jacobite Magazine post-political magazine
» Many Loops a publication somewhat occupied by recursion
» Metamoderna Hanzi Freinacht's metamodernism site
» Rhizome born-digital art and culture
» e-flux paradigms informing contemporary arts
» Egress a site to build (around) an acid communism
» The Vast Abrupt accelerationism etc
» New Materialism how matter comes to matter
» Cybernetic Culture Research Unit antagonistic towards stable temporality
» The New Centre centre for research & practice
» The Dark Enlightenment nRx key texts
» Reality Studio a William S Burroughs community
» Beat Book Covers beat literature graphics
» Marxists Internet Archive non-profit Marxist library
» bldgblog architectural conjecture / urban speculation / landscape futures
» Everyday Listening sonic inspiration
» Critical Art Ensemble critical media arts
» The Public Domain Review journal in public domain culture
» 3am Magazine philosphy and culture
» Palladium Magazine governance futurism
» Foucault Info Michel Foucault archive
» Gutenberg free eBooks
» SciHub remove all barriers in the way of science


» K-punk archive of Mark Fisher's blog
» The Medium and the Message Adam Curtis' blog
» Xenosystems Nick Land's blog
» Xenogothic Matt Colquhoun's blog
» Metanomad accelerationism, among other things
» Cyclonograph II beyond the horizon of myth
» Deontologistics Pete Wolfendale's blog
» Unqualified Reservations Curtis Yarvin's blog
» The Blog of Baphomet Julian Vayne's blog
» Supervalent Thought Lauren Berlant's blog
» Lebbeus Woods the architect's personal blog
» The Last Instance Dominic Fox's blog
» No Border's Metaphysics Hilan Bensusan's blog
» Park MacDougald Park MacDougald's blog


» Timecube marshmallow time was wrong then and it proved wrong today
» Arupa Noumenal our tools or our spirits try to mould the prima materia to control our environment


» The Anarchist Library anarchist texts


» Less Wrong a community dedicated to improving reasoning and decision-making
» The NeuroHacking Association an international community of lighthearted friends dedicated to Intelligence Augmentation
» London Fetish Scene calendar of London's fetish events
» Fetlife social network for the BDSM and kink community
» Squatjuice a foul and despicable place
» Psymusic UK welcome to the psychedelic underground
» Dogs on Acid drum & bass forum
» Bluelight drug use harm-reduction community
» I Hate Breakcore breakcore forum


» Sähkö Mika Vainio documentary
» People Who Do Noise Portland noise music scene documentary
» Patience (After Sebald) WG Sebald documentary
» Drum & Bass: The Movement d&b doc
» Marshawn Lynch: A History by David Shields
» The Act of Killing by Joshua Oppenheimer
» MEGACORE a Canadian breakcore thing
» Everybody in the Place An Incomplete History of Britain 1984-1992 by Jeremy Deller


» Anders Sandberg's transhumanism pages
» Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation an inter-disciplinary journal for the exploration and understanding of social processes by means of computer simulation
» Harvesting the Fruits of the Web hatched in the unknown incubator
» Mark Foster Gage speculative architecture studio
» defcad library of 3D-printable firearms
» Mediated Matter designing with, for, and by matter
» Environment Built for Absence (an unofficial/artificial sequel to J.G. Ballard's "High Rise") Tivon Rice
» The Obscuritory for games unplayed and unknown
» New World Notes reports on virtual worlds, vr & internet culture
» Avatar Orchestra Metaverse second life orchestra
» Xenofeminist Manifesto Laboria Cuboniks
» #HYPERREALCG it's crazy how close to real life we can get with art
» Miskatonic Virtual University out of light, into darkness
» Ketamine resource archive