» Study I The Platopus
» Document I The Octopus and the Machine
» Note I Brian Massumi on Affect
» Meditation I Still Thinking about Burial
» Note II Capitalist Realism
» Reflection I False Consciousness and the Displaced Subject
» Reflection II The Real as an Optics of Value
» Reflection III Accelerate
» Reflection IV Drum and Bass
» Reflection V Virtue Signalling
» Reflection VI The Ethical Simulacrum
» Note III Brecht and Chinese Theatre
» Meditation II Auric Decay and Invisibility (Benjamin to Berghain)
» Note IV Between Fate and Alienation (Brandom on Hegel)
» Note V Sacrifice, Identification and Self-Constitution
» Note VI Self-Consciousness as Reciprocal Recognition
» Meditation III for Amnesia Scanner (or, how to freeze history by locking affects onto a foamy loop)
» Note VII Counternotes on Subculture
» Reflection VII The Rule Following Paradox
» Note VII Spectacular Tech Bros
» Reflection VIII Anaphora precedes Deixis
» Note VIII A Mechanism of Subjectivation
» Document II Remixing the Master's Tools
» Reflection IX A Collective Action Problem
» Note VIII Yuk Hui on Technics, Time and Geometry